Movie of the Month: ARMAAN

Release Date 18 March 1966
Director/Screen Play Pervez Malik
Producer/Writer Waheed Murad
Stars Zeba, Waheed Murad, Rozina, Nirala, Tarannum, Zahoor Ahmed, Bibbo
Music Sohail Rana
Lyrics/Dialogue Masroor Anwar



Story: (click songs to play)



Najma (Zeba) is a pretty young orphan girl who lives with her aunt – Begum Sahiba (Bibbo) at Murree. Begum Sahiba has two daughters, Seema (Tarannum) and Dolly (Rozina). Seema is studying at Lahore. One day Begum Sahiba asks Najma to go to Lahore to bring Seema back.

When Najma meets Seema at Lahore she refuses to return because she has an illegitimate child from her relationship with Sohail, whom she loved and who has gone abroad for higher studies. Najma still insists Seema to return and promises to arrange a care taker for her son.


After their return to Murree, Begum Sahiba writes a letter to her late husband’s friend Khan Bahadur Wajahat Ali (Zahoor Ahmad) at Karachi offering proposal for one of her daughters to his son Nasir (Waheed Murad).

Nasir is a young smart chap who enjoys club life and spends most of his evenings dancing and singing there.

Ko ko koreena meray khayalon main chhai hay ek surat matwali si


Nasir’s late night return makes his father angry. He informs Nasir about the letter from Begum Sahiba and orders him to leave for Murree to choose one of the girls as his bride. Nasir agrees to go on the condition that he will take his friend Shahid (Nirala) along.

On their way Nasir asks Shahid to interchange their identifications. Therefore when they reach Murree, Nasir introduces Shahid as Nasir and he becomes his secretary. Shahid is welcomed and one of the best rooms

is allocated to make his stay comfortable whereas Nasir is asked to stay in the servant quarters. Shahid later informs that he has fallen in love with Dolly.

Najma arranges with an old lady – Khala (Rajni) to look after Seema’s child. Khala’s nephew tries to flirt with Najma but she does not encourage him.

Nasir does not approve any of the two girls but he is inclined towards Najma. He first thought she was a house maid because she was always

busy in chores. But when he came to know that she was Begum Sahiba’s niece, his sympathy towards Najma increases manifold.

Nasir tries to get free with Najma but she is very reserved. Once when she was riding a hand rickshaw for shopping, Nasir chases her and sings:

Zindgi apni thi ab tak urte baadal ki tarah

With the pace of time both become friendly and their intimacy soonconverts into love. On the other side Shahid in every matter acts

unwisely and after every such incident he wants to return back to Karachi but Nasir always cools him down. He tells Shahid that Dolly is in love with him and that he should at least sing a love song for her. However as Shahid has no singing talent, Nasir playbacks for him:

Betaab ho udhar tum bechain hein idhar hum

Begum Sahiba now wants to finalize the marriage proposal for one of her daughters so she makes a phone call to Nasir’s father asking him to come

to Murree. This news makes Shahid nervous and once again he starts packing to return but Nasir assures him of some alternate arrangements. He makes a phone call from outside to Begum Sahiba and speaks being Nasir’s father telling her that he would come to Murree to attend Dolly’s birthday.

Nasir then takes Najma to the park to inform her that he needs to go to Karachi for couple of days due to some urgent work. Najma gets upset and wants to leave but Nasir sings:

Akele na jana hamain chor kar tum


Nasir disguises himself with a beard and turban to look like Khan Bahadur and arrives at Begum Sahiba’s house where everyone greets him. After the dinner Nasir being the father requests Najma to sing a song. Najma first refuses but then sings

Akele na jana hamain chor kar tum


Next day when Nasir is still acting as his father, the real father arrives. Everyone is surprised to see him and they are further shocked when Nasir’s true identity is revealed. Khan Bahadur gets very annoyed but Nasir explains him this was the only way he could observe both the girls independently. But he has found Najma better than the two. Najma is however very upset assuming that Nasir has deceived her but Nasir assures her of his true love.


Meanwhile a house servant notifies Begum Sahiba about the suspicious meeting of Najma with Khala who is the care taker of Seema’s child. Therefore when Khan Bahadur proposes Najma for Nasir, she calls upon Khala who comes along with the child. When Begum Sahiba asks her who the mother of the child is, Khala hands over the child to Najma. She is taken by surprise and leaves the room with the child. Nasir does not believe all this and asks Najma to refuse the blame but Najma does not deny.


Najma is expelled from the house and she takes shelter at Khala’s small cottage. Nasir and his father leave for Karachi. Nasir is so upset that he drowns himself in alcohol. Shahid takes him to the club but he is so much distressed that he cannot enjoy and sings:

Jab pyar main do dil miltay hain main soachta hoon

Khala’s nephew keeps on bothering Najma on various occasions but Najma manages to avoid him.


Nasir’s declining health condition is unbearable to his father. He advises Nasir to get married with Seema so that he could travel for pilgrimage. He writes a letter to Begum Sahiba proposing Seema for Nasir. When Seema came to know she goes to Najma to explain new turn in the story. Najma also recommends her to marry Nasir because she has also heard about Nasir’s ailing health. Finally Seema is married to Nasir.

One day Khala’s nephew brings sweets mixed in drugs after eating that. Khala goes into deep sleep. He then tries to fulfill his evil desires with Najma but she vigorously hits his head with a log. He faints with bleeding

head. Najma scared, escapes with the child. She goes to Nasir’s house and was about to leave the child at his doorsteps that Nasir arrives and he condemns her on it. Seema however takes Najma inside the house. Najma tells her that she has committed a murder and cannot look after the child anymore. Seema forces her to stay.

Najma starts living at the servant quarters. Nasir disapproves it. He is more furious when he observes that Seema is spending most of her time with the child. Once when the child is sick, Seema stays late night at the servant quarters. Nasir arrives in anger and slaps on Najma’s face for

spoiling his marital life. He takes Seema inside the house. Najma while swinging the cradle sings:

Meri qismat bata hay meri kiya khata

Meanwhile Seema’s lover Sohail returns from abroad. While arranging Seema’s wardrobe, Najma finds a framed picture of Sohail. She goes downstairs with the frame when Nasir appears. The frame drops from Najma’s hands which Nasir lifts. Just as a coincidence Sohail also entersthe house. When Najma sees Sohail she calls his name and runs

towards him to take him out of the house. Nasir believes that he is Najma’s lover and father of the child. He goes to Seema and tells him about it. When Seema knew that Sohail is back, she goes to his house requesting him to forget her now. Sohail expresses his desire to take the custody of the child.

Sohail visits the house repeatedly to meet his son. Nasir also observes this. This becomes intolerable for him and he leaves the house. During his absence Seema celebrates the first birthday of her son which. Sohail also

attends. Seema sings

Oont pe betha mera munna oont ke peechhay bachchay

When the song finishes Nasir appears with the Begum Sahiba who is very angry and orders Najma to leave at once.

Sohail writes a letter to Seema and when the servant is taking it to Najma, Nasir gets hold of it. In anger he takes the letter to Sohail and asks him never to visit his house to meet Najma. But when Sohail tells him

that he only comes to meet Seema, Nasir does not believe it. Sohail asks him to read the letter where he has asked Seema to return his child. Nasir reads and at last all the facts are reveled to him.

Nasir goes back to his house and tells Najma that he has found out the truth. He takes her to Begum Sahiba explaining how Najma has sacrificed for the dignity of the family. However when Nasir is not around, Begum Sahiba requests Najma to do more for the sake of the family and leave the house to save Seema’s marital life.


That night in the dark, Sohail comes to Nasir’s house to kidnap his own son but Nasir wakes up and they fight each other. Seema enters the room. She has committed suicide by consuming poison. In her final words she requests Nasir to marry Najma and gives custody of the child to Sohail.

Najma while going out takes a taxi which is coincidently driven by Khala’s nephew who is still alive. He tries to kidnap Najma who screams. A nearby police office follows them on his motorbike. At railway crossing when taxi stops, Najma manages to run away but Khala’s nephew follows her. At this

moment train arrives and police office cannot follow them. When train passes by, he looks around and only finds Najma’s scarf and some documents at the corner of the bridge. He assumes that Najma has jumped into the river and died. With the documents he finds Nasir’s address and informs him about Najma’s death.

This news makes a great impact on Nasir and in a out of mind condition he goes to Murree. He sees Najma’s shadow everywhere. Finally he gets seriously ill. Shahid goes out in the snow storm to bring the doctor. At one corner he sees Najma walking on the crutches. Shahid tells her about

Seema’s death and Nasir’s condition. He then requests her to return. However when they arrive home, Nasir has already gone out once again in search of Najma. She also goes out and calls his name. The storm is getting worst. With no clue where to find Nasir, she starts singing:

Akele na jana hamain chor kar tum


Nasir listens to her voice and runs towards her and they finally meet each other.  

The End

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