What Makes That Smile Click ?



What is the formula behind the enchanting smile that sparkles at you from the daily paper inviting you to try a new brand of toothpaste? Or the glowing look that entices you to make a particular soap your daily habit?

Hours of hard work and a photogenic face. A face like Rakhshanda Khattak’s, for instance. Glowing dark eyes, beautiful even teeth, and a tanned complexion featured by a mass of dark brown hair. This is the face that smiles at you from innumerable commercials.

Rakhshanda Khattak is one of the big names in modelling today. And in a profession where it’s very easy to stay static on the lower rungs, she’s made it to the top very early – her twentieth birthday is still three weeks away.

What does the apparently glamorous job of modelling entail?

Two years in the profession have taught Rakhshanda that behind the glamour lies grueling work and long hours.

The day begins for her at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast at 8, and then Rakhshanda gets ready for the day’s work.

Just a startlingly brief 15-20 minutes for make-up and dressing, and then Rakhshanda sets out for work.

Shooting is divided between the studio and the outdoors. It’s the beach for some ads, the desert for others, and the streets for some.

But whatever the locale, it’s hard work for the model. A one minute commercial on the screen may take 6 hours of back-breaking shooting. And sometimes the shots might require the backdrop of night – which means late hours for Rakhshanda.

Passerby often stare when shooting is done outdoors, but Rakhshanda has grown used t it by now.

But she still has one major complaint against her profession – the payment is irregular.

Still being one of the most sought after models in the country is some compensation. What distinguishes Rakhshanda, apart from her photographic face and attractive figure – she is 5 ft. 6 ins. tall and weighs 130 lbs – is her ability to portray a wide range of emotions. She looks equally good smiling or serious.

The eldest of 7 sisters and one brother, Rakhshanda came tp modeling the popular Hollywood way – via a talent scout. An advertising agent spotted her at a wedding and popped the vital question: Why don’t you model? And that how Rakhshanda’s career began.

In her free hours, Rakhshanda has plenty of hobbies to occupy her. She loves dancing – both Pakistani, classical and ballroom – hunting, collecting birds and fishes, and watching TV. “I’m an avid TV fan”, she confided. With a Pathan father and a Burmese mother, Rakhshanda speaks Pushto, Urdu and English fluently.

Marriage? Most definitely yes – and in the near future. But Rakhshanda preferred to keep the name of the lucky man secret!


Rakhshanda Khattak: Equally good smiling or serious