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Down a small lane on Victoria road, up an ancient flight of stairs, through an uncertain looking door and into Rakhshanda’s “Hi, you’re late”. When I recover from the shock of seeing a disheveled face (my own) in the mirror, I manage a feeble Hello! But before the conversational run can gather much speed, I’m in for another shock, A flaming hungry red dragon seems to be giving me the look of a first good meal in months. As I back away from the picture I ran into an antique chair and a pair of mini lions Ooo!! Add to this a cupboard full of assorted shooting weapons and one can’t blame me for being just a bit flabbergasted.

And through all my nightmare, combining the best features of a Burmese mother and a Pathan father, there is Rakhshanda looking cool, stately and perfectly unperturbed “I did it all myself” in a smug – satisfied tone when I looked round the room. Now that I had got my breath back I found it was a rather unusual but tasteful room Rakhshanda and her husband Javeri’s interest in shooting and hunting accounted for all the weapons and wild things – “And I do all the cooking and sowing” she added more satisfied than, ever, seeing that I was incredulous. That is Rakhshanda. She comes up with things she think will make you sit up. They are true of course. She does do a lot of house work, lots more of sowing and absolutely everything in interior decoration, “I got it from my talented mother”.

Sounds quite different from the Jane Bond image doesn’t it? ‘How about all your karate and Judo?’ “Oh I did learn it from the Iranian director for 2 months but I can’t say I’m keeping in practice now”. Seeing that her husband is a good 200 lbs of young male muscle, I can understand her playing safe. Trying it on anyone else. Not she’s too busy cooking “Like entertaining? “ I asked her over a glass of coke (we had tea later and coffee after that). “Yes just a few friends for dinner and music is our usual entertainment for the day”. From what I gathered hunting, seeing movies, going out to dinners, visiting relatives all can be added to the list of entertainment. Making movies? Yes that too was like an entertainment for Rakhshanda. For she’s been a successful model for years and film offers were always coming up. But she never cared for them. This Jane Bond one with Iranian director seemed like good fun. Her future movie plans? Very vague. She does not seem very much interested in a film career. “And you can’t continue this sort of thing for long” was comment. Meaning that while you’re young and you’re a hit it’s okay. But then what happens? All that frustration and oblivion, it is not worth it.

It doesn’t mean Rakhshanda’s fans need be disappointed. No! a tempting offer will definitely lure her from the comfortable nice she’s carved for herself – a doting husband, a fabulous house and a long string of glorious success as a model. A role with Mohammed Ali will certainly take Rakhshanda considering the matter very seriously. Why? “Oh, I like him amongst all the Pakistani actors. And I’d be the right size for him you know” – with a mischievous smile. Does it seem like conceit? Well; I’d say it is just a frank admittance of her desirable height and alluring looks. Her looks are indeed very alluring when she wants them to be. Between out talk her husband came in with a reluctant. “Darling I’ve got to go to work”!And she says “of course you must go to work … go now” and gave him a look which certainly must have made him want to never go to work or anywhere else.

Naturally we wanted lots of photographs of Rakhshanda. As she obligingly got into dress after smart dress she kept mumbling. “oh I’ve put on weight round the middle since I last wore this thing” (Do I hear pattering feet in the near future?) I asked her outright and she smiled. No comments. But I didn’t miss the dreamy look and the faint blush that crept up her expressive face. I could be wrong about the look of course and the orange curtains did give off a golden reflection now and then. And yet it could be the reason she’s not accepting any film offers.

Those who have seen Jane Bond certainly want to see more of Rakhshanda specially in film industry like ours where new faces and talents are in dearth. Rakhshanda is a breath of fresh air in atmosphere heavily laden with actresses who neither know the art of grooming nor the knack of keeping themselves trimly in shape.


                                                                                  Life is fun isn't it?

Films for a time are all right. But you can't carry on that sort of thing all your life.

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