Jane Bond 008

Operation Karachi


Released on 29 January 1971


Cast & Credits

Producer F. Abbasi
Direction and Screenplay Reza Fazeli
Story and Dialogue Danish Dervi
Lyrics Sehba Akhtar
Music Lal Mohammed – Iqbal
Photography Jamshed Alvandi
Editing Iqbal Akhtar
Production Controller Agha Nadir

Rakhshanda, Reza Fazeli, Kamal Irani, Tarana, Niggo, Zahoor, Sharafat, A. B. Baloch, Ansari and Saqi


There is much in common between Jane Bond 008 Operation Karachi and the James Bond movies made in Western countries. Like its prototypes, this movie also starts in Scotland Yard. The central character is a woman instead of a man. She (Rakhshanda) is sent to Pakistan on a mission, because she is Anglo – Pakistani and knows much about the country.

She is sent to contact one Mr. MacDonald, who is a member of the Scotland Yard, hos number is 002. Before she could reach Karachi, he is killed by a gang of villains (headed by Saqi). A taxi driver (Reza Fazeli, who runs a private taxi and is attached to a posh hotel, goes to pick up Jane Bond. During his speech, he unwittingly utters the code word, and she thinks he is one of the agents employed by the Scotland Yard. He is in fact a simpleton knowing nothing about spying. He jumps to the conclusion that she is in love with him.

The two of them are attacked by a gang of villains. Action and love starts from here and continues till the end. “The movie being a Pakistani version of James Bond, I have inserted songs and dances”, says Reza Fazeli who also directs the movie.

People who have seen the rush-prints of the movie confirm that it is the best action picture made in Pakistan. There are quite a number of spine –chilling and nerve-tingling scenes in the movie. There are true scenes of car crash and a car is shown burning in the film. This was for the first time in Pakistani films that a car in running condition was burnt. The hero has jumped twenty feet from a helicopter to a moving boat. He has jumped from a car moving at the speed of forty to another running at the same speed.